In October 2012 the Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group (CPSG) was created as one of about 100 Specialist Groups that form the Species Survival Commission of the IUCN. Run by volunteer experts and with data input from experts and amateur conservationists from around the globe, the mandate of the CPSG is quite broad and is expected to involve conservation projects of all kinds. In some cases existing projects wishing to become IUCN approved may receive guidance or advice from the CPSG. But the initial and most urgent goal of the CPSG is to re-assess all species of all genera of carnivorous plants for the IUCN Red List. Without correct classification, imperilled species cannot receive the appropriate attention to conserve them. Chaired by Robert Cantley and with Sir David Attenborough as Patron, the group is currently very small (July 2014) but we invite you to sign up on the ‘Get Involved’ tab of this website where you can contribute your knowledge, or just follow our progress by receiving forthcoming Newsletters. The degree of involvement you may have is up to you.
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